Positive Culture in Hockey

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Participants in St. Albert Minor Hockey and the Raiders Hockey Club programs should have the reasonable expectation that it will be in an environment that is accessible, inclusive and is free from all forms of Maltreatment, Bullying and Harassment.

In October 2021, Hockey Alberta released a new Maltreatment, Bullying and Harassment policy that brings all forms of Maltreatment into one policy and provides guidelines for escalating penalties based on the severity of the inappropriate behaviour from players and team officials.  Subsequently, SAMHA and the Raiders Hockey Club renewed our commitment to support a positive culture in hockey.

This involves many changes big and small that SAMHA and the Raiders Hockey Club have collectively identified. These changes are consistent with Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta's commitment to make sport environments safe and inclusive.


To reinforce this, we have committed to the following:

  • All members can access an online form on the SAMHA website to report any instances of Maltreatment, Bullying or Harassment. All reported cases will be investigated using Hockey Alberta's Conduct Management Guidelines.


  • Each season all SAMHA and Raiders Hockey Club coaches must acknowledge they have received, read, and understand Hockey Alberta's Maltreatment, Bullying and Harassment policy.


  • All SAMHA and Raiders Hockey Club coaches will have improved access to courses and learning opportunities that support our objective to build a positive culture in hockey.


  • The SAMHA Governance Committee will undertake a review of our existing policy and bylaws to ensure they align with Hockey Albert and Hockey Canada's policies. This includes updating player, coach and parent Code of Conduct documents.


We are firmly committed to supporting our players' well-being and removing Maltreatment, Bullying and Harassment from SAMHA and the Raiders Hockey Club.  As a leader in the hockey community, we take these commitments seriously and feel it is vital to demonstrate our willingness to grow and change.

Thank you for your continued support; we are so grateful to the many families and extraordinary volunteers who uphold these values. Your commitment and time are truly appreciated.

Shauna Hudec - SAMHA, President

Kevin Porter - Raiders Hockey Club, President