Minor hockey costs are growing every year, and it is important for all families to have access to resources that can help support their involvement in hockey. Financial assistance is available through the agencies listed below.



There are five steps to registering with funding support; all five must be completed before August 15th.


  1. Confirm that you qualify for funding with one of the agencies listed below.
  2. Register for your desired St. Albert Minor Hockey Association program. When prompted, please choose "Yes, I'm applying for funding."   NEW 2023 - Pay your first monthly installment (per participant) by choosing “pay in installments”.
  3. Apply for subsidy funding through the agency.
  4. Fill out the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association Subsidy Tracking Form within 14 days of registration. This is not your subsidy application. If you do not complete the form within 14 days, your registration will be cancelled.
  5. After the agency approves your application, fill out the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association Subsidy Tracking Form. If this is not completed by August 15th, your registration will be cancelled.


Please note the earlier you register, the more manageable your payments will be.



If you are not eligible for 100% funding, you must make arrangements to pay the balance due before October 15th. If payment is not received, your player will be removed from their roster and no longer eligible to play hockey.

You can select a monthly installment plan at checkout. All installments must be completed by October 15th to remain in the program.

All subsidy applications are subject to a $25 administrative fee.  This will be deducted from your initial registration installment.

There are additional costs associated with some STA and all Raiders programs. These Team Fees are collected after the team is formed and vary each year. SAMHA Cares can help to offset some of these costs. Recreation Hockey provides players with a fixed cost option, and there are no Team Fee requirements in Recreation Hockey.


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So ALL kids can play.

**Approved applicants within Oil Country will have their full registration fees covered and have access to no-cost equipment from Sport Central.  Learn more KidSport Canada


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The intent of the SAMHA Cares Benevolent fund is to support St Albert resident families who may be experiencing financial hardship. The fund can offer up to $400 in financial assistance to offset registration or team fees on a case-by-case basis.

This funding can be combined with other funding sources but will not exceed the Association's regular registration fees. Requests can only be made for players 4 to 18 years old, and funding is available for different members of the same family during the same season. Players must reside within the boundaries of the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association; non-residents are to be reviewed case-by-case.

You must be registered to play for the 2023-2024 season and be a member in good standing. All required documents must be completed and received in full to be considered. The Association reserves the right to ask for further supporting information when required.

St. Albert Minor Hockey Association requires families to first apply for subsidy funding with Canadian Tire Jumpstart, Kidsport, or Hockey Canada Assist prior to asking for financial assistance through the SAMHA Cares program. You will be required to upload proof of application status in the application.

Families must meet the threshold set by the federal low-income cut-off guidelines to qualify.

How to Apply:

SAMHA Cares Application

All applications must be submitted to SAMHA prior to October 31st.

Applications will take up to six weeks to review.

If you require further information not provided above, please email