Tiered Hockey

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SAMHA players in our Tiered Hockey program are placed on teams with players of similar skill and ability. Teams travel throughout the Edmonton area to play approximately 18 games a season. SAMHA is a member of the Edmonton Federation Hockey League (EFHL) and follows the playing rules outlined by the EFHL.

In addition to this, teams have regular weekly practices. There may be additional costs associated with Tiered hockey.

Please contact Seema King at registrar@samha.ca.

Each division is structured differently. Please ensure you take the time to read the options available in each division.
You will require:

HOCKEY CANADA-HOCKEY ID: You will need your player's Hockey Canada ID#. How to locate your Hockey Canada ID#

EMAIL ADDRESS: The email address that you list as the player's email will be used as our main point of contact email for your family. If you have used Team Snap in past seasons, use the same email address to register.

Three requirements to register:
  1. If you are new to hockey, you must take the ” Respect In Sport - Parent Edition (RIS)” online course before you can register online RESPECT IN SPORT: The fee for this course is $12.00.  This course expires after 4 years. Families that do not have this course will be unable to register online. Please ensure you select St Albert Minor Hockey Association as your home association. If you have completed Respect In Sport in another sport, you can transfer your certificate to SAMHA. Learn more.
  2. BIRTH CERTIFICATE: A Birth Certificate or Passport is required to verify age.
  3. PROOF OF RESIDENCY:  A document with your name and residential address within our boundary zone. For example, drivers license, utility bill etc.

SAMHA Boundary MAP


If you have recently moved within the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association draw zone, you must complete the Hockey Alberta Parent Declaration formPlease include registrar@samha.ca on the Parent Declaration form; this ensures we receive notice of your intention to transfer to SAMHA. We will send an email confirming that we have received the required documents and initiate your transfer.

PROOF OF RESIDENCY: Proof of residency is mandatory. TWO documents with your name and residential address within our boundary zone. For example, drivers license, utility bill etc. If required, additional documentation may be requested.


SAMHA will do our best to make accommodations for players and their families, however, we are unable to guarantee that we can fulfill all requests.

Please note, the request must be reciprocated by the other family to be considered.

Placement Request Form

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