The Jr Raiders program will introduce U11 athletes to competitive-stream programming.
SAMHA is committed to providing a comprehensive development program for players who want to eventually reach elite hockey and stay within their own hockey community. This is the highest calibre of hockey available in SAMHA for U11 players. The level of hockey in this program is fast-paced, highly-competitive and offers players a challenge.
Being a member of a SAMHA’s Jr Raider team will place an increased demand on your time and financial obligations. The Team Fees for this program will not exceed $2200 per player. Players can anticipate three practices a week, development session, and a 24 game schedule.


In June, Hockey Alberta introduced the HADP (Hockey Alberta Development Pilot) U11 program. Hockey Alberta's objective is to create an environment where similarly skilled players can compete together and against each other. This pilot outlines a structure where players are provided the opportunity to access the appropriate level of hockey. The Jr Raiders U11 AA teams (2) will be in the HADP program. 

Hockey Alberta has recommended using a formal tryout process similar to the model used at the U13 AA level. This season, players interested in playing Jr Raiders will participate in an evaluation (tryout) and will be selected by the Head Coach.  


TIMED SKATE: August 28

TRYOUT DATES: August 29, 30, and Sept 1


Registration closes August 19th.

Goalies will also participate in a separate goalie assessment on August 28th.

Players may be released after the second tryout. Players advancing to the final tryout will be notified by email on August 31st. Assessment of the players skill will be completed by third party evaluators and the Head Coach.


Evaluators and coaches will assess each player based on the following attributes:
  • Ability to recover from mistakes without becoming frustrated
  • Ability to pay attention to instructions and follow the drill
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Positive attitude
  • Hard work
  • Skating
  • Passing
  • Shooting ability
  • Puck control
  • Playmaking ability (offensive and defensive)
  • Skating
  • Fore-checking
  • Back-checking
  • This is more than just the ability to turn, stop and skate quickly
  • Coaches want to see players skate hard during every minute of their shift
  • Takes initiative to help other players learn new skills
  • Gives encouragement to other players
  • Sets an example through hard work