2022-2023 Board of Director Nominees

Brent Kondro

My name is Brent Kondro, I have been nominated for a member at large position. I have been involved as an assistant coach and as a head coach with SAMHA for 8yrs. Over the last two years I have been part of the coach’s selection committee that interviews and recommends coaches within SAMHA.

I am passionate when it comes to our community and SAMHA. I own and operate a business in St. Albert which allows me to delegate and problem solve with my office staff and field staff. Now that I am not coaching I feel I would to be able to support our association using the experience and knowledge that I have learned from my business and from being a coach.

SAMHA is known to have a strong association on and off the ice, our association is known to be forward thinking and always evolving to meet the needs of our members. My goal as a member at large would be for our association to offer the best experience possible for our families and athletes. I feel that I can assist in this with my hockey knowledge, leadership abilities, and my passion for hockey and our association.

Lisa Magera

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Lisa Magera and I am excited for the opportunity to continue represent our female teams as part of the Board of Directors with the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association. My husband and I have 2 daughters who both play hockey for SAMHA on all female teams. Our older daughter is in her seventh and our younger daughter, who is a goalie, is in her fourth year. Playing hockey with SAMHA has been a great experience for us as a family and I look forward to giving back to the organization. I have been a teacher for over 16 years and eight of those as a school administrator at École Citadelle in Legal. Working with students, and especially student-athletes, is my passion. I am an avid hockey fan, something all my students know about me. I never had the opportunity to play hockey growing up as it wasn’t very common for girls to do so; therefore it was important to me that our girls have the opportunity to play if they wanted to and they both love the game.


I have served as Director of female hockey with SAMHA for the last 2 years. While covid-19 provided many challenges, we were still able to advance the program. Here a few of the things we accomplished as a board:

- All female evaluations

- All female u9 team

- Prioritized all female summer prep camps

- Terms of reference created for a female hockey committee

- Hosted our first roundtable discussion with several stakeholders to discuss growth initiative priorities for female hockey in St. Albert

- Hosted Esso “Girls Try Hockey” fun day in collaboration with the St. Albert Slash

- Participated regularly in the female committee within the EFHL


I have 3 main goals I would like to focus on if I am given the opportunity to serve as Female Director.

1. Continue to grow, develop, and promote the female game. We are doing great things here in St. Albert for female hockey and we need to promote that. I would like for the female program to continue to build its positive reputation. A few of the ways I would like to accomplish this are;

· Rebrand our female program (name, logo, apparel)

· Showcase our city, our facilities, and our athletes by hosting an all-female tournament that includes all age groups.

· Create mentorship opportunities within our association

· Increase our visibility of the female program

2. Encourage and empower our female alumni to stay involved with SAMHA.

· Explore the possibility of sponsorships and scholarships for our female alumni who continue to contribute to our organization.

· Create opportunities for our female alumni to give back

3. Devleop and empower our female committee to create initiatives that provide a specific focus on developing female athletes.

· Provide a platform for our coaches within the club to share thoughts and ideas

· Provide our coaches with resources including technical skills, tactical & physical skills, and the latest trends in hockey with a focus on successful strategies designed for the female athlete.

· Provide speaker series, and interactive feedback for our coaches.

· Provide our female athletes with best-in-class development

In conclusion, I am excited to work with the board and all the stakeholders to ensure we are giving our young athletes an enjoyable and successful experience in sport.

Ron Goltz

My name is Ron Goltz, and I have been nominated to serve on the SAMHA Board of Directors. Our family lives in St Albert. My son, Alexander, has played in SAMHA for the last 5 years, starting in Initiation. He will be playing in U13 next season. My daughter is an active ringette player who also participates in Hockey Academy.


I am a lawyer who acts as in-house legal counsel for the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board, specializing in administrative law, corporate governance, human resources and contractual law matters. I also served as Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law for 11 years.


In a volunteer capacity, I have served as a board member with the Black Gold Provincial Ball Hockey Association (Director and Secretary-Treasurer), the University of Alberta Students’ Union Discipline, Interpretation and Enforcement Board, the Alberta Law Review (Book Review Editor), Darwin College Volunteer Society, and the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission (Vice Chair and Chair). I currently serve as a Board Member for King’s University.

I strive to always act with integrity and commitment. I have significant experience working collaboratively in a board environment. If elected as a SAMHA board member, my goal would be to continue to build on the excellent work done by previous volunteers.

Lindsay Bauer

My name is Lindsay Bauer and I have been involved with SAMHA since 2015 when one of my son’s started playing hockey. I currently have three kids playing in SAMHA (U11, U13, & U15). Hockey plays a huge role in my family. I grew up in St. Albert and had two brothers who both played hockey in SAMHA. My husband has been coaching in SAMHA since 2016 and works as a referee and I have been Team Treasurer for numerous years. I also started playing hockey this past year.

I am interested in joining the SAMHA Board of Directors as I feel it would be a good opportunity to give back to the community and this position is a good fit with my skills and experience. I have a background in human resources and education. I also possess strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.

I am dedicated to promoting inclusivity, accountability and building positive relationships with coaches, SAMHA families and the community of St. Albert. I think it is also important to find a balance between the needs of recreational and competitive programs.

Lastly, I am committed to making hockey fun! I want hockey to be a life time activity that kids can continue to enjoy throughout their lives

Tina Brochu

I have been involved in various organized sports as a parent for twenty years; my involvement with the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association (SAMHA) started in the 2018/2019 season when my daughter joined the league. As a parent volunteer, I have organized ‘parent schedules’, social events and volunteer activities. I am currently an assistant coach with a U16 lacrosse team.


Although not specific to SAMHA, I have been an active member of professional development committees, national committees to ‘revamp’ organizational needs and councils. I have a keen interest in learning and am continually strengthening and growing my skills in communication, conflict resolution and ever-changing technology.

As a nominee to the SAMHA Board of Directors, I bring a deep passion for open communication, transparency and ongoing pursuit to ‘make things better’ for our kids and our organization as a whole. I bring excellent organizational/time management skills to the role, the ability to learn and ask questions, along with a commitment to our community.

Courtney Haigh

Thank you for the opportunity to provide an overview of my experience and background for the consideration of Director at Large for the SAMHA Board of Directors. As a mother of four much of my volunteer experience is shaped around activities that involve their interests. In the last seven years I have held, and continue to hold, an executive position on our school council and Friends fundraising society. I am in my second elected term as Secretary for the GSACS Education Foundation and most recently joined the GSACRD Capital Engagement Community Working Group. This experience has taught me valuable conflict resolution and stakeholder relationship management, while simultaneously shaping an understanding of the process involved in working on boards.

Our family joined SAMHA when our oldest son completed Introduction to Hockey back in 2017. As we plan for 2022/23 our two middle boys will be in second year U9 and first year U13. In the 2021/22 hockey season, I was Treasurer for my son’s U9 team which provided me the opportunity to assist with season planning. Additionally, I was involved in planning the U11 Jr. Raiders Invitational Tournament in March 2022.

What I can offer the SAMHA Board of Directors is an innate ability to innovate, add-value and provide support. The hockey community is a passionate group of people and building an association which promotes and supports players and coaches will be essential to driving it forward. I am excited for the nomination for Director at Large and I believe my experience can help expand the opportunities for players while enhancing the hockey experience for each family.

Karen Hach

Background (a little about yourself)?

I attended university, earned two degrees, got married, had kids, 4 of them, all boys, and now I'm a sports mom, plus I work part time for an Environmental Consulting Company. One of our sons graduated the Raiders program this year, another who played U13 Raiders, another who played community, and one who quit hockey and took up Ninja full time - headed to Vegas for World Championships next month! In the spring summer months, I am a baseball mom 100%                        

Why are you interested in the position?

I am interested in staying in the position because my boys have been in St. Albert Minor Hockey collectively for 27 years and now that they are a little older - and less maintenance - I have the time to give back in a meaningful way. And more importantly, our board has made huge strides this past year and I want to continue to be a part of it. 

What do you bring to the Division and Association?

I believe that I bring perspective and hockey parent experience to the division as well as to the association, due to the fact that  my sons have played at all levels, community to AAA.  My position for the last two years has allowed me to learn even more about our policies and procedures; I feel strongly that every move we make needs to be transparent and in the players best interest. 

What is your vision for the current term in the position (2 years)?

My vision for the next two years is to continue supporting growth within SAMHA, and ensuring we are leaders in the hockey community. Working collaboratively with the other board members this past year has been extremely rewarding - we are starting to see the fruits of our labour and it will only benefit the players, now and in years to come. 

Tony Abrantes

I have been a member of SAMHA since my youngest started playing hockey seven years ago. Currently have three children playing hockey in the U13, U15 and U18 programs and have applied to head coach within the U13 program. Professionally I work for a large corporation as a health and safety advisors providing support to 27 locations(teams). My success in this position is attributed to multi-tasking, being motivated, and having strong communication skills. 0ccasionally I do need to travel for work; however, I have the flexibility in making my schedule. Personally, I love hockey. I have been coaching for the last five years and have volunteered as head coach or assistant coach on all my children's teams. Before Covid, I supported and facilitated the first IIHF World Girls Ice Hockey Weekend, with great success (older players mentoring the younger players!) within SAMHA.  I enjoy being busy and involved. Why SAMHA Board Member? It was indicated an opening was available and wanted to be a part of the organization's changes.

I like dealing with hockey parents (most of the time) and, more importantly, if I can be a part of fostering the love of the game with players by applying support, consistency, and resources (to coaches). I want to assist newer players (and families) in the organization (e.g. U9, U7, U5); I believe it is essential to develop the players' abilities and grow the family support for our organization.


Nancy Bruno-Romeo

My Name is Nancy Bruno-Romeo. I have been a parent that had a son that played in SAMHA along with the Raiders for the last 12 years. My son has now continued his hockey path in the Junior league. I have managed number for hockey teams, been pervious female director with the SAMHA board in the past. I have also been involved in a number of different non profit organizations.

I have been nominated to be the member of large for SAMHA Board for the 2022/2023 season.

Through dedication and passion, I truly believe as an association our first step is to ensure that our hockey players along with our coaches are taken care of. We need to build a solid foundation to have players continue to play the game that they love. Hockey has changed in so many ways in order for us to be successful I believe that our association needs to change along with our governing bodies. Strong communication is the key to success.

I am hard worker and dedicated to the role that I can take on as a board member. I will bring to the position a great deal of knowledge, and understanding that I have gained through my past experiences.

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