St. Albert Minor Hockey Association is a not-for-profit organization that is governed by a 16-member Board of Directors. Six Executive Officers hold direct responsibility for all aspects of the organization; 10 Directors at Large and various committees support them.

The Executive Director is the liaison between the Board and the staff and is responsible for putting Board-recommended actions in place, overseeing the administration of programs and directing the strategic plan for the organization. The Board of Directors governs the structure of the Association, and all positions have an overall responsibility to represent members’ interests.


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Be involved in discussions and offer personal perspectives based on experience
  • Work cooperatively with fellow Directors, Officers and Staff
  • Be willing to fully participate in and/or lead committees and meetings
  • Know and respect the distinction between the roles of Board and Staff
  • Attend all Board meetings (monthly)
  • Participate in decision-making and policy-setting
  • Participate in community events


  • Be familiar with SAMHA Bylaws and Policies which govern the organization
  • Be familiar with Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada regulations, playing rules and policies that pertain to the duties of a SAMHA Board member
  • Be aware of SAMHA activities and programs


  • Exercise vigilance and declare any apparent or real personal conflict of interest in accordance with the SAMHA Board Member Agreement.
  • Act with honesty and in good faith in the best interests of SAMHA, and not for personal gain or the benefit of any third party.
  • Maintain solidarity with fellow Board members in support of decisions that have been made in good faith from a reasonable presentation of facts.

If you are interested in joining the SAMHA Board of Directors, please contact Jane Sedo at executivedirector@samha.ca and Melissa Nollski at president@samha.ca.

Thank you!

SAMHA President - Melissa Nollski


December 2023

December 2023