Coach FAQ

I have heard people talk about the “2 Deep Method” in the Locker Room, what is it?

Players should be supervised at all times. A lone bench staff member should never be in the dressing room with players at any time, and especially when they are showering or changing. Two adults should be present together, which is called the "Two Deep Method" of supervision. 

My team has been invited to play an HSL or non-sanctioned team, can we do that?

No. Minor hockey teams registered with Hockey Alberta can only play in sanctioned exhibition games and tournaments.

What is an affiliate player?

Affiliate players are players that are chosen according to SAMHA'S Affiliation Policy to be placed on the team's HCR roster.  Affiliate players are used to fill spots on a team for games or practices when the team has sick or injured players and in some cases suspended players.  EFHL does not allow teams to use affiliates in place of suspended players. IMPORTANT:  Affiliated players can practice with a team once listed on the team's HCR Roster, however they cannot participate in game play until they are marked as APPROVED on the team's HCR Roster.

Does SAMHA reimburse me for mandatory Coach courses?
Yes.  SAMHA coaches can apply to seek reimbursement of course fees that are required for the current season as per Hockey Alberta's Coach Course requirements for the team's level of play.  For reimbursement receipt of payment needs to be forwarded to the office.

All coach clinic reimbursement cheques will be issued on November 15th. Any claims received after this date will be reimbursed between January 15th - January 31st. 


One of the players or bench staff is suspended; can they come to practice?
Yes, suspensions are only for games.  When a player or bench staff is suspended in league, for example, and the next game your team plays is an exhibition game, your player cannot play in the exhibition game, and the game does not count towards the suspension being served.  A suspension can only be served in league or sanctioned tournament games.
My team is Tier 3 and we want to play an exhibition game with Tier 2 can we do that?

Yes if both teams agree, and an exhibition permit has been approved, the exhibition game can proceed.

My team has been invited to play an HSL or non-sanctioned team, can we do that?FAQ

No.  Minor hockey teams registered with Hockey Alberta can only play in sanctioned exhibition games and tournaments.

What is a Travel Permit and do I require one?
Travel permits are required to play any away games (tournament or exhibition) that are not a regular league games.  Your manager can apply for a travel permit. You need to apply for a permit approximately one week before your game or tournament. Travel Permit forms can be found under the SAMHA Resources/Manager/Permit Application Form.  DO NOT FORGET TO GET A PERMIT.  
What is an exhibition game permit?

Your team needs to apply for an exhibition game permit when you are the home team for an exhibition game.  If you have booked ice outside of St Albert, the home exhibition game will serve as your exhibition game permit and your travel permit, you do not have to apply for both. Permits can be found under Resources/Managers/Permit Application Form

Our team wants to attend a tournament outside of Alberta or Canada, is this allowed?
Yes, your team can attend a tournament outside of the province or country as long as a travel permit has been approved.  These types of approvals require additional time to process, so ensure you apply for the permit as soon as you have a sanction number from the tournament committee. 
Tournaments outside of the country may also require additional insurance and documentation at the boarder depending on if guardians are attending the tournament or not.  It is normal to have to provide special documentation at the border if only one parent is taking a player. The other parent has to sign a form and the form needs to be notarized and accompany the traveling parent and player.
I want my team to go to a tournament but they said it is too expensive, can I just enter them and insist we go?

All teams meet at the beginning of the season to decide on the number of tournaments, extra activities such as dryland, team functions etc.  Teams must vote on items that will cost families extra money, approval of the budget needs 90% approval.  Any additions to the budget during the season are approved on a per player basis not a percentage basis where the additional costs are only allocated to the families that agree on the expense.

A parent on our team was displaying very poor behaviour at one of our games, how can I deal with this?
If you feel that you can deal with the behaviour with a simple discussion to the family, you can do so with another witness (perferably the manager), but wait 24 hours before speaking to the family so that both parties have had time to review their behaviour. Please ensure the meeting is documented and both parties sign off on what was discussed. If you feel the behaviour of parents, players etc. continues then the division director should be included in a further meeting, this meeting should be documented also by all parties in attendance.  It is key to report any incident in a timely manner so the behaviour is documented and dealt with.
After my practice I have an event to attend, can I shower in the dressing room with the players?

No. bench staff are not allowed to use the showers at the facilities under any circumstances.

Who is responsible for the dressing room cleanliness?

As the head coach you should be the last person to walk through the dressing room and ensure that the dressing room clean and nothing is broken or destroyed in any way.  This would be for all practices and home and away games. If you have to leave and cannot do the walk through, then please assign an Assistant Coach to take on this responsibility. It is a good practice to address dressing room expectations with your players.  Players should have the utmost respect for facilities in both our home arena and also dressing rooms in visiting arenas. Teams that leave dressing rooms untidy or have caused destruction of property will be liable for fines or fees that are sent to SAMHA, and may face further discipline.

I have noticed that some of my players are vaping in the dressing room, what should I do?

Please communicate team rules to your players.  The City of St Albert arenas do not allow vaping, smoking, drugs or alcohol, nor does SAMHA or Hockey Alberta allow players or bench staff to partake in these behaviours in the arena and violating such rules can result in suspensions, fines, loss of facility use.

My team has dryland; do the bench staff members need to attend?

It is not mandatory for bench staff to attend dryland, but it is advised that at least two of the bench staff members attend to help to supervise the players.  It is a learning opportunity for all coaches when they attend dryland.

We are at our game and the refs have not shown up, can I call a referee that I know?
No. Only referees assigned by the home association can ref league or home exhibition/tournament games.  There is a Hockey Alberta rule that if no refs show up, both teams are to agree as to who will ref the game until referees arrive. (the person needs to be on onw of the teams HCR roster).  For SAMHA games please contact the referee assignor or referee in chief in the event there are no refs at your home game, so they can follow up with the ref that is absent and try to arrange for someone to attend the game.
Our team did fundraising and we have a lot of spare funds and the season is ending soon, can we buy the players expensive gifts like sticks etc.?
One of my players received a penalty that may incur a suspension, and our team manager sent in the game sheet and incident report to the league or tournament liaison, but I have not heard back and we have a game in 30 minutes, can I assume there isn’t a suspension if we haven’t heard back yet?FAQ
No.  Never play a player that you suspect may receive a suspension.  If you are not sure, it is best to err on the side of caution and not play that player.  If a suspended player is listed as participating in a game, the head coach and player can face a suspensions. If you sit the player and they do end up getting a suspension than the game they sat will go towards the suspension notice.  For clarification on if there would be a suspension check the minimum suspension guide and/or contact the office.
My team is short players for our exhibition game, tournament, or league game, can I just borrow a player from another team or bring a sibling of one of our players to play in our game?

No.  Only players listed on the team's HCR roster can play in teams games.  This would include properly registered affiliate players. 

I have two children in SAMHA and I am part of the bench staff for one of my children's teams, can my other son come on the ice for my teams practice?

No. Only players listed on the team's HCR roster can go be on the ice for practice or games. 

We are short coaches for our game, can one of our parents come on the bench to help?

No. Only bench staff registered to the team HCR Roster are allowed on the ice/bench for practices or games.

Can one of our parents who have their skates help on the ice, as an on ice helper?

No. Only bench staff registered to the team HCR Roster are allowed on the ice/bench for practices or games.

What does “bench staff” mean?

Bench staff are the team's head coach, assistant coaches, goalie coaches, trainers.

Bench staff are not allowed on the ice for practices or games unless they are registered on the teams HCR Roster. To be registered on the team HCR Roster, bench staff require a current Criminal Record check (CRC), and the Respect in Sports Activity Leader Course.  (The Parent Respect In Sport does not replace the coaching Respect in Sport) 

The head coach must have the required coach courses for their level.  You can find out which courses are required on the Hockey Alberta website under Coaches - Coach Education - Requirements.  

Each team MUST have one member of their bench staff that has a current Hockey Canada Safety Course, except for the U7 & U9 Divisions, for these Divisions two members of the bench staff must have the course.