St. Albert Minor Hockey Association

Coach Mentor



  • More experienced coaches (mentors) work with beginner or less experienced coaches, providing feedback and encouragement in supporting the development of these coaches.  
  • Mentors will contact the coaches in their division 1-2 times a month, individually or as a group. Some Mentors may want to meet more often with a team or coach. 
  • Mentors will be a valuable source of information to their coaches and will share whatever resources they can to help in the development of their coaches. 
  • When requested, Mentors can assist the head coach with the planning and running of team practices. 
  • Mentors will work closely with the Director of Coach Mentorship and the Director of Hockey Development to develop strategies and source resources for coaches in their division.  

If you think this is the right fit for you, please contact us today.

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