Over the past three months, the SAMHA Evaluation Committee has been working to improve our evaluation process. You may notice some changes when you return to the rink in the Fall.




SAMHA Player Evaluation FAQ (link)

SAMHA Evaluation Parent Handbook (link) 



Player evaluations at this age are used to group players of similar skill and ability together.


U9 players will participate in two skill skate and two scrimmages.


U11 players will participate in one skill skate and four scrimmages.

The skill skate is used to determine what scrimmage grouping players will join.



U13 players will participate in four scrimmages. Players will be placed initially into groups based on the previous season tier.


Players will be placed initially into groups based on the previous season tier, all four skates will be scrimmages. 


Players will be placed initially into groups based on the previous season tier, all skates will be scrimmages. Players will skate 3-4 times. 

U18 Non-checking Skate #1

U18 Non-checking Skate #2

U18 Non-checking Skate #3



SAMHA relies on dedicated volunteers to support our evaluation process and we truly value your time and commitment. Please complete the following to participate in player evaluations.


SAMHA is committed to supporting more coach involvement throughout the evaluation process and we intend to provide coaches with the tools needed to succeed. This season we are excited to introduce Team Genius to help support this process. SAMHA feels that coaches and parents will see immense value in this robust online evaluation tool. Learn more...Team Genius


SAMHA remains committed to supporting the following objectives: 

  • Provide an impartial, consistent and comprehensive evaluation of a player’s total hockey skills, resulting in the best chance to develop.
  • To form teams that maintain a skill balance where players can develop, participate and have fun playing hockey.

  • To develop an evaluation process that is transparent and trusted by players, parents, and coaches. 

  • To provide coaches with the opportunity and flexibility to build a team based in part on their own coaching philosophy and knowledge of player skills and attitude.

Later this month SAMHA will publish a complete guide to our evaluation process. This will include a full outline of the evaluation process, our objectives and define the expectations of each participant.