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St. Albert   Jr. Raiders

St. Albert Minor Hockey Association is committed to providing a comprehensive development program for players who want to reach elite hockey and stay within their hockey community.

The Jr. Raiders program introduces athletes to competitive-stream programming.

What is competitive-stream hockey?

Competitive stream hockey is characterized by its focus on skill development, competition, and opportunities for advancement to higher levels of play.

It involves tryouts for team selection, higher levels of training and practice, and participation in competitive leagues or tournaments.

Being a member of a Jr. Raiders team will place an increased demand on your time and financial obligation.

  • NEW IN 2024!

    The Jr Raiders program is growing! In the 2024-2025 season, the program will include four U11 teams and two U9 teams.

  • U11 Jr Raiders


    The U11 program will include 68 players (60 skaters and eight goalies). Two teams will play in the EFHL AA (HADP) classification, and two teams will play in the Tier 1 (EFHL) classification. 


    We've put together a list of the most commonly asked questions about our Spring ID Skate and the Jr Raiders program. If your question is not answered below, please contact Don Chanski (hocvp@samha.ca). 

    Why is there a Spring ID Camp? 

    The Spring ID Camp is an opportunity for the Jr Raiders program administrators to evaluate players and plan appropriately for the upcoming season. It is also an opportunity for parents to see the varying levels of skill within our U11 program, especially if you are moving from U9 to U11.  In some cases, after the Spring ID skate, coaches have the opportunity to commit to a limited number of players (four or fewer). This can only be done in consultation with the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association's Hockey Operations Committee. 

    How are players selected in the Jr Raiders program? 

    The named Head Coach(s) selects the Jr Raiders teams. The coaches in the U11 AA program will select players for their teams, followed by the Tier 1 player selection. 

    Learn more about the 2024 Jr Raiders Coaching group. 

    Are there tryouts for the U11 Tier 1 team?

    Players will be evaluated at the Jr Raiders tryouts. If you choose not to attend the Jr Raiders tryout in August, the highest level of play available will be U11 Tier 2. 

    How were the teams formed for the ID Skate? 

    For the most part, teams were formed alphabetically and by position. Multiple changes were made after the teams were formed to accommodate families and change the positions of players. 

    Where does the income from the ID Camp go? 

    St. Albert Minor Hockey is a not-for-profit organization. Tryouts, Spring ID, and parent contributions fund the Jr. Raiders program. For example, last season, players in the Jr. Raiders received 24 skill development sessions. The cost was $150 per player, which was subsidized by income from the 2023 Jr. Raiders tryouts. 

    We continuously find ways to invest the money generated by the program, on the program. 

    Does 200 Hockey pick St. Albert Minor Hockey teams? 

    No, 200 Hockey is a valued partner with whom we work to provide skill development and evaluation services to our program. For more information about the evaluation process in Community hockey, please read our Parent Evaluation Handbook. 


    2024-2025 Tryouts

    St. Albert Minor Hockey is committed to a fair and transparent evaluation and selection process.

    U11 AA SUMMER TRYOUTS: August 26, 27 and 29

    Players interested in trying out for the Jr. Raiders are invited to attend tryouts in August. Rosters will be finalized on or before August 31. Players must attend the August tryout dates to be eligible for the program. The Head Coach will be responsible for making all player selections before August 31. 

    U11 team formation will be scaled by the ability of the players on the two top-level teams, who will be drafted equally on the Jr Raiders Tier 1 team. The U9 program will include 40 players drafted onto two teams. There is no tryout process for the U9 team; players will be evaluated in early September. 



The Jr Raiders program was formed in 2021 to support the development of young athletes aspiring to play elite-level hockey for the St. Albert Raiders.

This program prioritizes player development, with the aim of steadily advancing players' skills and understanding of the game throughout the season. Our focus is on establishing a solid foundation that will support the long-term success of players within our program for the next eight years and beyond.  

jr raiders

The program's most recent successes include:

2022 & 2023: EFHL U11 AA - League Championship

2022 & 2023: Minor Hockey Week Championship

11 Jr Raiders U11 AA players played U13 AA as a first year, twice the provincial average.

In 2023, two Junior Raiders players were selected for Team Brick Alberta and played in the Brick Invitational Tournament.
In 2024, seven former Jr. Raiders players were selected to participate in the Hockey Alberta Prospects Cup event. The Prospects Cup is the first step in Hockey Alberta's Development program.

The program has two core principles that guide decision-making, program planning and player selection: Community and Resilience.


    The St. Albert Raiders elite hockey program provides a unique opportunity to become part of a passionate hockey community with a rich history of excellence. The sense of pride and identity that comes with being a part of the Raiders program is ever-present within our community. We embrace this philosophy and firmly believe that our players will flourish within this dynamic environment.  
    We aim for players to gain meaningful experience in hockey through our hockey community as a whole. Players in the Jr Raiders will be introduced to the St. Albert Raiders hockey community. Teams will partner with one of the program's St. Albert Raiders teams and have the opportunity to participate in on-ice practice with their partner team and off-ice activities. 

    Our goal is to help our players cultivate the skills that are essential to excel in the years ahead as players advance in AAA and AA hockey. The Jr Raiders program involves a tryout process. We are looking for players who possess the necessary skill set to play at a higher level of hockey and who can effectively manage adversity. Adversity in hockey can take many forms, such as playing with unfamiliar teammates, being coached by someone new, or not experiencing sustained success on the ice. These experiences serve as valuable building blocks for our players' overall growth and equip them with the skills to advance as they move through Elite Minor Hockey and eventually into Junior hockey.  

    Being a member of a Jr Raider team will place an increased demand on your time and financial obligations. This program's Team Fees are expected to cost $2000 per player; these amounts have not been finalized for 2024-2025.
    Players can anticipate receiving additional practice ice and enhanced player development opportunities. The program requires participants to purchase a team apparel package that includes Jr. Raiders apparel and customized jerseys.   

    Coaches selected for this program will have exceptional leadership skills previously exemplified in the hockey community. They will be progressive in their coaching philosophies and possess the ability to develop players to their full potential.

    It is expected that Jr Raiders Coaches complete Hockey Canada NCCP Development 1. 

    Coaches who successfully complete this program will learn: 

    • The importance of creating a season plan; what components it should include.
    • How to Identify and assess the athletic abilities that your athletes will need to succeed in competitive hockey.
    • Set and monitor progress goals.
    • How to effectively communicate team and individual progress with your athletes and their guardians.

    The Association is committed to providing supplemental educational opportunities and one-on-one mentoring. Coaches will collaborate with the St. Albert Raider Director of Hockey Development and engage in mentorship opportunities within St. Albert Minor Hockey Assocation. 


    Players can anticipate 60 practices between September and March; 20 practices will be focused on advancing individual hockey skills. 


    Hockey skills professional Wade Burt (200 Hockey) will be working with the Jr Raiders program in 2023-2024 to deliver 20 skill and development sessions to players in the program. 

    Wade is a former WHL and CIS (USport) athlete with over 20 years of experience as a hockey skills coach. He played over 270 games in the WHL and won a WHL League Championship. In 1999-2000 he competed in the Memorial Cup tournament. In 2000 Wade joined the University of Alberta Golden Bears, where he played for five seasons and won five CanWest Championships. In 2004-2005 Wade was a member of the University of Alberta Golden Bears Hockey National Championship team. 

    Wade is a Jr. High School teacher and is the Director of St. Thomas More Junior High Hockey Academy. Wade is also the owner and founder of 200 Hockey Skills, a hockey skills development provider that services multiple players in various streams of hockey, including NCAA, Junior A, and WHL.


    Dave Rathjen provides goalies with 12 development sessions. Dave has been a valued partner of the St. Albert Raiders and St. Albert Minor Hockey for four years. He had a successful junior career in the WHL, BCHL, and with the University of Alberta Golden Bears. In 2004-2005 Dave was a member of the University of Alberta Golden Bears Hockey National Championship team.

    He is currently the coach for the Swift Current Broncos (WHL), the University of Alberta Golden Bears and the St. Albert Raiders U15 AAA, U17 AAA and U18 AAA programs. 


    The St. Albert Minor Hockey Association Player Development group expects coaches in the Jr Raiders program to follow a U11 Competitive Seasonal Plan that supports the development of these young athletes in competitive stream hockey. 


    TEAM FORMED: August 31st 

    PRACTICES: start in early September 

    GAMES: September - March 

    Teams can anticipate playing 24 Regular Season games and playoffs in Edmonton and surrounding regions.

    Jr Raiders teams typically attend between 2-3 tournaments. 


    Our program works with community and industry partners each season to ensure our players have every opportunity to advance in hockey. 


    The Jr Raiders apparel package will be supplied by BarDown Apparel. 

    The Jr Raiders apparel package includes:

    • Custom Game Jersey(s)
    • Practice Jersey
    • Pant Shells
    • Hoodie
    • Technical Short and T-shirt
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The Jr. Raiders program was formed in 2021-2022 to support young athletes aspiring to play competitive stream hockey in St. Albert. The Jr Raiders have been League Champions for two consecutive seasons and took home gold at the highly competitive Jr Raiders Spring Invitational.



Peter Sinclair 

Peter has been a coach with SAMHA since 2012. He has been both a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach on multiple teams. Most recently Peter was the Head Coach of a SAMHA U13 AA team and in 2019 Peter led the Atom AA Barons to a Provincial Championship. Peter has completed Coach 1, Coach 2, Safety, Checking Skills and Development 1 Coach certifications. In addition to this, Peter has been an active participant in SAMHA coach development programs.

Bryce Classen

Bryce has coached with SAMHA since 2013. He has participated as both a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach on multiple teams since then.  This will be his fourth year coaching at the U11 level, 3 as a head coach. In 2018-2019 Bryce was the coach of a SAMHA Atom AA team.  Bryce has completed Coach 1, Coach 2, Safety, and Checking Skills. As a former junior hockey player, CIS player and professional player; Bryce brings an enhanced technical knowledge of player development and is progressive in his coaching philosophies.

SAMHA is committed to providing a comprehensive development program for players who want to eventually reach elite hockey and stay within their own hockey community. We are confident the leaders selected for this program will provide players with the opportunity to further advance their skills.


SAMHA is excited to share that Brian Brouse and Rob Parrotta have been named the head coaches for the Jr. Raiders AA U11 program this season. Brian and Rob are both qualified Coaches and progressive in their coaching philosophies. This season, they will collaborate with members of the Raiders program and the SAMHA Development team to ensure that on- and off-ice development is expanded to fully support individual player development.

Brian Brouse

Brian has coached hockey since 2013 and with SAMHA since 2021. Since then, he has participated as both a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach on multiple teams from Initiation through U13. Brian has also spent time as a Hockey Board executive; included in his duties were Coach and Player Development. Brian just completed a successful U11 year with the St. Albert Sabres.  Brian has completed Coach 1, Coach 2, Safety, and Checking Skills. Brian brings with him a strong history of effective communication and team-building, which supports his goal of developing better players and kids through hockey.

Rob Parrotta 

Rob first joined SAMHA as a coach in 2008. For three seasons, he was an assistant coach on the U15 AAA and AA Raiders Hockey Club teams. Most recently, Rob was a  Head Coach in the SAMHA U9 Tier 1 program. Rob is an educator and was the Teacher/Lead Instructor at St. Edmund Hockey Academy for seven years. He has completed Coach 1, Coach 2 (online), and Development 1. Rob's primary focus is to create a team culture that promotes respect, development and fun.



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