U11 (2014-2015)

Players will be assigned to an assessment group based on their skill skate assessment. Players who have not completed a skill skate assessment will receive an email before August 15th with an assigned skate time on August 24.

All U11 players will participate in three scrimmage skates.

Individual skate times will be communicated a minimum of five days before your scheduled start date.

Please review the Evaluation and Placement Handbook to learn more about the evaluation process.

IMPORTANT: Due to the high volume of players being evaluated, we cannot accommodate change requests. If you cannot attend an assigned scrimmage, please complete this form stating why. 

Absence Reporting Form 




An internal appeal mechanism is hereby established for the limited purpose of whether player selection was not made according to the rules or process.

Dissatisfaction with the selection of head coach or assistant coach are not grounds for appeal.

Any appeal shall be made via email to the Evaluations Director (evaluationdirector@samha.ca).

The Evaluations Committee shall evaluate whether the appellant has valid grounds for appeal. There is a $100 fee to initiate the appeal process; should the Committee determine that there are grounds for appeal this amount is refunded.

If no valid grounds for appeal exist, the Evaluation Director shall notify the appellant in writing that the appeal will not be heard.

If valid grounds for appeal exist, the Evaluation Director shall then convene an appeal hearing before the Executive Board of Directors within 7 days.

The appellant shall present evidence and testimony to the Board. Following testimony, the Executive Board of Directors shall close the hearing, begin deliberations and render a written decision via email within 24 hours. An internal appeal mechanism is hereby established for the limited purpose of whether player selection was not made according to the rules or process.


St Albert Minor Hockey relies on dedicated volunteers to support our evaluation process, and we truly value your time and commitment. Please complete the following to participate in player evaluations.

Volunteer Now! 


SAMHA is committed to supporting more coach involvement throughout the evaluation process, and we intend to provide coaches with the tools needed to succeed. This season we are excited to continue to work with Team Genius to help support this process. SAMHA feels that coaches and parents will see immense value in this robust online evaluation tool. Learn more...Team Genius


We aim to ensure that your son or daughter enjoys their time in hockey while developing their skills. We know that the player evaluation process plays an important role in this and sets your player up for success each season.  

We have created a summary of questions and answers that we feel will help support your understanding of this process.

Why does St. Albert Minor Hockey evaluate players?

The association uses an evaluation process guided by the Hockey Alberta Alberta One Player Development model to place players of similar ability and skill into tiers.

Learn more... https://www.hockeyalberta.ca/members/alberta-one/standardized-tiering/

How does the evaluation process work?

St. Albert Minor Hockey uses a defined player evaluation model that Hockey Canada guides. The Evaluation Handbook, pages 6 and 7, explains more.  

Who is doing the player evaluations?

This season, we are excited to work with professionals from 200 Hockey Development. To learn more about 200 Hockey Development and the credentials of their staff, please visit their website.

How many evaluators are there at each session?

Most sessions have between 3-5 evaluators at the rink.

Why are the evaluators on their phones and not writing down information?

Three years ago, we invested in a tool called Team Genius to help improve our ability to capture and retain data. 

TeamGenius allows our evaluators to enter their ratings and notes through a mobile app rather than on paper. The information is immediately compiled with other evaluators on the TeamGenius admin site. This dramatically reduces the chances for error as we will not need to collect sheets of paper and transfer handwritten scores and comments from paper to spreadsheet. Additionally, the high-quality data and analytics within TeamGenius will help us to place your son or daughter on the right team confidently.

What are players evaluated on?

To learn more about the specific skills, tactics, and behaviours being evaluated, please refer to the section on Player Selection Criteria (pages 6-7) in the Evaluation Handbook. 

What role do SAMHA coaches play in the evaluation process?

Named SAMHA coaches participate in a draft and can choose from a list of available players.

Coaches watch evaluation sessions and record their own notes to support this process. This information is not used to determine player rankings.

How do I know if someone is watching my player?

Each session has a minimum of three evaluators. If a player skates four times, they will be evaluated a minimum of 48 times by the end of the process.

When do I skate?

Individual skate times will be communicated closer to the start of the season. Please refer to the skate times posted on the association website. This will provide you with a possible window of time.

If I don’t have a skate time, who do I contact?

If you do not have a skate time 48 hours before when your division is scheduled to start, please contact admin@samha.ca. 


Who can I contact with any questions or concerns about the evaluation process?

Please contact the Evaluation Director, Tina Brochu (evaluationdirector@samha.ca).

Direct emails or phone calls that are disrespectful or rude will not be tolerated.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please remember that this process is supported by volunteers. If you would like to get involved, please speak to the association staff to learn how you can participate this season and in the future.


St. Albert Minor Hockey remains committed to supporting the following objectives: 

Provide an impartial, consistent, and comprehensive evaluation of a player’s total hockey skills so that they have the best chance to develop.

To form teams that maintain a skill balance where players can develop, participate and have fun playing hockey.

To develop an evaluation process that is transparent and trusted by players, parents, and coaches. 

To provide coaches with the opportunity and flexibility to build a team based in part on their own coaching philosophy and knowledge of player skills and attitude.