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St. Albert Minor Hockey Association is committed to respectful behaviour and conduct on and off the ice. The Association does not condone Unacceptable Conduct on any social media channel or account. This includes conduct by staff, volunteers, players, parents, officials, or any member of the hockey community.

The purpose of the Social Media Policy is to ensure that making posts or comments on any social media site, whether public or private, will be held to the same standard of conduct.

This Policy is governed by the principles of the player, parent, and coach codes of conduct. Comments or posts on any public or private social media site, which are in the sole opinion of the Disciplinary Committee, deemed to be detrimental, harmful or malicious to a team, the Association, an individual Member or player, or another association, team, or player, will not be tolerated and may be subject to disciplinary action.

The following are examples of conduct through social media and networking channels that are considered violations of this Policy and may be subject to disciplinary action by the Association:

  • Bullying, harassment, intimidation or threats of any type.
  • Making negative or derogatory comments about or statements deemed detrimental to the welfare of any individual or group.
  • Divulging confidential information or any other matter of a sensitive nature.
  • Posting photographs, videos or comments promoting negative influences or criminal behaviour, including but not limited to drug use, alcohol abuse, public intoxication, hazing, and sexual harassment.
  • Undertaking activity that contradicts the current policies of SAMHA
  • Undertaking activity meant to alarm other individuals or misrepresent facts or truth.

We have adopted this policy to ensure that all parties are aware of their responsibility to maintain a positive and respectful image as a member of the St. Albert Minor Hockey community.

This policy is designed to ensure that we continue to maintain integrity and respect in the community and that all individuals will be held accountable for their actions should there be a breach of this policy.

Incidents can be reported through the SAMHA Incident Reporting form on the SAMHA website. All reported incidents will follow the SAMHA Conduct Management Process.

Social Media has placed increased pressure on everyone. News, comments and opinions are shared immediately. Your personal reputation, as well as our organization’s, is at stake with every post. Think before you post.

Updated June 2022 

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