The St. Albert Raiders Hockey Club provides Elite stream hockey (AA & AAA) for St. Albert Minor Hockey Association players within the defined boundaries of Hockey Alberta.


Tiered Hockey stream places players with players of similar skill and ability on one team. Teams typically have weekly practices and play 18-22 games per season.


The Recreation Hockey program provides participants a less structured program.The focus of this program is on participation, fun and meeting new people.



The Female hockey program welcomes players to all female teams. The program places players of similar skill and ability onto one team. Teams typically have weekly practices and play 18-22 games per season.



The SAMHA Learn to Play program is designed for players age 4 -12 and who are new to hockey. Our goal is to introduce hockey to players and their families to support their ongoing participation in the sport.



SAMHA is excited to return to hockey this fall and we know you are too! We remain committed to providing a full-range hockey program to enhance the abilities of participants at all levels. Our Evaluation Prep and Development programs will support players as they prepare to return to hockey this season.


Registration FAQ

What is my child’s Hockey Canada (HCR) number & how do I find it?
Find your Hockey Canada number in your Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) Account. 
  1. Go to My Registration History. 
  2. Click Print Receipt (below your most recent registration.)
  3. Click Open on the pop up that appears at the bottom of your screen.

Your HCR# will be displayed on your registration receipt.

What is TeamSnap?

This season SAMHA is using TeamSnap software to power our website, registration and team management system

As part of this, all teams are provided a free TeamSnap Account through SAMHA. Each team is required to utilize their SAMHA supplied TeamSnap account, as this is how we communicate with teams and deliver game schedules.


Can I pay my registration fees in installments?

Yes, fees can be paid by installments. You will be prompted in TeamSnap at the time of registration. Please ensure you select the correct option by TURNING ON installment payments before checking out. 

All fees must be paid by October 15th. 

What is your refund policy?

Refunds for players withdrawing prior to October 1st, from the program will be refunded, upon written application to the SAMHA Office:

A) Players wishing to withdraw must provide a letter of intention to withdraw from SAMHA.

B) No portion of a late registration fee will be refunded.

C) Players suspended for disciplinary reasons shall be ineligible for a refund of fees.

D) Players withdrawing voluntarily for personal reasons, must provide a written explanation for review and approved by the President or Designate.

E) Refund will equal the registration fee less a $75.00 service charge fee, less 15% of the regular registration fee for each month they are still registered with SAMHA. Special circumstances will apply for players attending second tryouts with other associations reviewed by the President or Designate.

Example: registration of $685.00 withdraws as of November 2:
Registration fee = $685.00
-205.50 October, November @ 15%/month
-50.00 Service Charge fee
$429.50 Total Refund

F) No refunds will be issued after January 10.

G) Registration fees will be 100% non-refundable for any Player withdrawing after attending tryouts and being assigned to a team.

H) There will be no refund issued until all equipment assigned to the player, parent or team is returned in satisfactory condition.

I) Tryout and ID Camp fees are non-refundable.

J) A player must be in good standing regarding team fees up to the date of withdrawal.

Am I required to fundraise?

SAMHA does not have any mandatory fundraising requirements, however each team may engage in fundraising events and activities throughout the season. 

Are there any additional costs to play hockey?

There are no additional costs to play Recreation Hockey. 

There are additional costs to play within other streams of hockey. Community(Tiered), Elite and Female hockey teams may engage in additional activities such as tournaments, extra practices, apparel, etc..

At the start of the season each team is required to propose a budget to parents and conduct a vote to ensure the additional expenses are supported by the majority of families. 


We have just moved to St. Albert. How do I transfer my child from another hockey association?

Before you are able to register, you will need to fill out a Hockey Alberta Parent Declaration Form: Parent Declaration Form | Hockey Alberta. Please use the email when prompted to add the Minor Hockey Association email that you are registering with.

You will be required to upload two documents to your Parent Declaration to prove residency in the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association boundaries. Examples of residency documents can be a utility bill, driver’s license, mortgage/rental agreement etc. 

We are NEW to hockey! How do I get an HCR number to register?

If you are new to hockey, you must take the ” Respect In Sport - Parent Edition (RIS)” online course and provide a copy of your player's birth certificate to register.

RESPECT IN SPORT: The fee for this course is $12.00 and it takes about an hour to complete.  This course expires after 4 years. Families that do not have this course will be unable to register online. Please ensure you select St Albert Minor Hockey Association as your home association. If you have completed Respect In Sport in another sport, you can transfer your certificate to SAMHA. Learn more.

Once you complete your Respect in Sport, you can link your PLAYER to your RIS account from their website.  This will auto generate them an HCR# (Hockey Canada Registry#). This is a unique identifying player number that will stay with them throughout their hockey career. 

When does registration open?

Registration for the 2022-2023 season opens on May 1st. 

Regular registration rates are in place until July 8th. After July 8th all rates increase by $200. 

*Players new to hockey qualify for the regular registration rate until September 15th. 

What is the time commitment to play hockey?
Do I have to live in St. Albert to play hockey in SAMHA?

St. Albert Minor Hockey Association provides Minor Hockey programs for families residing within the boundaries. All registrants must provide proof of residency to register in a St. Albert Minor Hockey Association program or Raiders Hockey Club program.

Boundary Map 

Exceptions to this are the Learn to Play program and Recreation Hockey. 

What day(s) of the week will my child be on the ice?

The answer to this varies based on which stream of hockey you choose for your participant as well as their age category.

Learn more about SAMHA PROGRAMS


When are evaluations?

Evaluations run from the end of August to the beginning of October. 

Typically evaluations are not on Labour Day weekend or the first full week of school. 

Tentative Dates 

U9, U11, U13

Skill Skate Evaluation: August 27th - 31st

Scrimmage Evaluation: September 10th - 21st 

U15, U18 

Scrimmage Evaluation: Sept 22nd - Oct 4th 

Please note that all dates are TENTATIVE. A full schedule will be released before July 1st. 

Can my child join hockey without any skating experience?

Community Tiered Hockey / Female Hockey and Recreation Hockey

To ensure players have a positive introduction to hockey we recommend that players can skate independently . 

Learn to Play 

Welcomes new to hockey players, we recommend that players have some experience skating. 

Will my child be expected to travel out of town for tournaments?
How can I sign up to be a coach or assistant coach on my child’s team?

SAMHA teams are supported by volunteer coaches.

If you are interested in becoming involved please review the requirements and application process. HERE

Registration fees



Raiders Hockey Club + SAMHA Registration Fees
St. Albert Minor Hockey Association administers all Raiders Hockey Club Registrations. Players and coaches are members of SAMHA. Each season SAMHA establishes registration rates that are commensurate with the program's operation.
Raiders Hockey Club players pay a portion of their fees to SAMHA; the balance is returned to the team as an ice cost credit. This is allocated to each team at the start of the season. If the credit balance is not fully utilized, it is returned to the team.
If you have any further questions about SAMHA registration fees please contact Jane Sedo, Executive Director.


SAMHA FEES 2022-2023

Each season the Board of Directors approves an Operating Budget for SAMHA. Registration fees are set based on the Association's projected income and expenses. The above chart illustrates where your registration fees go each season.

This season the SAMHA Board of Directors agreed to raise registration to ensure SAMHA remained in a financially responsible position. Some of the agreed changes were:

  • Include EFHL League Fees in registration costs
  • Increased allowance of funds for player evaluations
  • Cost of the Team Snap transaction fee (0.79 per/transaction + 2.79%)
  • Increased allowance for player photos
  • Increased ice costs

If you have any further questions about your fees please contact us, or

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Financial Assistance

Minor hockey costs are growing every year and it is important for all families to feel comfortable coming forward if they need help. SAMHA wants everyone to have the opportunity to participate in minor hockey. If financial circumstances become a barrier for a child’s involvement, SAMHA is committed to providing support to families.

The following resources are available to help support families with registration fees.

HAP Logo Black 2
So ALL kids can play.

Through a confidential application process, we provide grants of between $250 - $500 to help cover sport registration and equipment costs so that all kids aged 18 and under can play a season of sport. Learn more KidSport Canada

Removing Financial Barriers

Sometimes, families need financial assistance to get their kids into a sport or physical activity. We're committed to helping all families access a range of activities, from boxing to bowling and skating to skiing, and more. Learn more Jump Start


The Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund is a $1 million fund that has been created to provide help to Canadians experiencing financial challenges as a result of COVID-19. The Assist Fund will provide up to $500 per player in registration fee subsidies to approved applicants who are registered with a Hockey Canada-sanctioned association, helping young Canadians get back on the ice in their communities.



  • Financial assistance up to $300 will be available to offset registration fees
  • Can be combined with other funding but will not exceed the posted SAMHA regular registration fee
  • Requests can only be made for players 4-18 years old
  • Must reside in the boundaries of the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association; non-residents to be reviewed case-by-case
  • All required documents must be completed and received in full to be considered
  • Funding is available for different members of the same family during the same season
  • SAMHA requires families to apply for Canadian Tire Jump Start program prior to asking for financial assistance through the SAMHA Cares program
  • SAMHA requires families to meet the threshold set by the federal low-income cut off guidelines
How to Apply

All applications must be submitted to SAMHA prior to October 15th.
Applications will take up to four weeks to review.

  1. A short letter outlining your request.
  2. Documentation to support JumpStart application


SAMHA Policy 2.1.4 Refund of Fees

(A) SAMHA must receive formal written notice; an online application for refund form must be completed. A minimum administration fee of $75 will be deducted from all refunds. 

  • Refunds made before participation in tryouts/evaluations will be 100% of registration fees, less the administration fee. 
  • Refunds made after players participate in tryouts/evaluations will be 75% of paid registration fees, less the administration fee.  
  • Refunds made after team selection will be 50% of registration fees, less the administration fee. 
  • Refunds made after November 1 will be 25% of fees, less the administration fee. 
  • SARHC players will receive a 100% refund of registration fees, less the administration fee, should they secure a place on a team outside of SAMHA/SARHC prior to the start of the season.  
  • Tryout and ID Camp fees are non-refundable. 

(B) No refunds will be issued after January 10. 

(C) Players suspended for disciplinary reasons shall be ineligible for a refund of fees. 



St. Albert Minor Hockey Association provides Minor Hockey programs for families residing within the boundaries. All registrants must provide proof of residency to register in a St. Albert Minor Hockey Association program or Raiders Hockey Club program.

Boundary Map: